Best school in the area if you’re looking to learn jiu jitsu while also make a big group of friends. Everyone treats you like they’ve known you their whole life and always know you by name within a week of you being there, which is very rare.

Art is an amazing instructor with knowledge ranging from no-gi jiu jitsu, striking and transitional gi BJJ. He cares for his students and doesn’t allow negativity to step foot in the gym. He doesn’t allow politics to have any power in his gym. The best thing about him and his gym is he focuses on developing every single one of his students. He doesn’t just group everyone up, but he focuses on helping every single student improve both on and off the mats.

Orange Park/Jax and surrounding areas are lucky to have such a dedicated coach with an amazing gym available to them.

Mi K.

I have been training with Art for years, he is an amazing coach. The way he breaks down the techniques are easy to follow whether you are a seasoned Jiujitero or new to Jiu Jitsu. The school vibe is always great, everyone is welcoming and make you feel like you are part of the squad, greatful to be part of this school.

Wallace J.

Most gifted instructor from First Coast Full Contact, and Combat Athletix opened his own place. The people are a family, and care about bringing everyone up together, not just their own technique.

Richard B.